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Following three years of study at The Birmingham College of Art, I illustrated for The Open University here in the UK.

Some years later I studied for a Bachelor of Education degree and subsequently devoted 23 years of my life to teaching.


Now retired I'm finally able to concentrate on my passion for drawing and painting 


I admit that my background in technical illustration greatly influences the detail that I apply in my artwork.

However, I endevour to go beyond a mere photographic likeness by striving to inject real personality and soul into my artwork.


Whilst my passion leans towards portraiture, I also enjoy drawing or painting just about anything of interest.


My mediums of choice are pencil and of course oil paints for their vibrancy and depth of colour. 


* Best Painting: Staffordshire Moorlands Open 2016

* Best Painting: Three Counties 2020

* Second place: American Art Awards 2020

* King Lear Arts Prize finalist 2021

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